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Tumor Lysate, Particle Only (TLPO) Vaccine

Cancer tumor cells have a particular molecular profile that represents the antigenic load of a patient’s individual disease.  In a patient with clinical cancer, tumor cells die naturally and the patient’s immune system sees those antigens and tolerates the differences from a normal cell.  In order for the immune system to mount a meaningful immune response, it must see the differences like it would see a pathogenic foreign invader. The Elios approach accommodates this requirement by presenting the entire repertoire of a patients antigen profile (known antigens, unknown antigens, neo-antigens, etc) to the patient’s immune system in ann inflammatory environment.  The type of environment that the immune system typically sees pathogenic challenges.

Frontline of Defense: 

macrophages recognize and immediately respond to foreign pathogens by consuming those presenting specific pathogen-associated molecular profiles. These unique "profiles" are like those displayed by the yeast cell wall particles which are the basis of Elios’ personalized cancer vaccines.

Elios’ novel approach takes a small amount of a patient’s tumor, which can be collected at definitive surgery or through biopsy.  The tumor cells are loaded into a proprietary particle delivery system and the particle is coated with a proprietary immunostimulant that holds the lysate payload inside the particle and creates a massive monocytic event at the site of the intra-dermal injection. 

The presentation to the patients immune system of the entire antigen repertoire associated with the appropriate pathogen molecular profile induces the innate and adaptive immune response necessary to create tumor reactive T-cells that can defeat the disease. This approach to antigen presentation gives Elios the ability to create a personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine from any solid tumor.  Because of the creation of specific tumor reactive T-cells and the favorable toxicity profile for patients, this vaccine can be used in multiple combinations, such as Checkpoint Inhibitors, T-vek, Gleevec, and radiation. The ease of administration and streamlined CMC profile make this therapy a natural addition to any clinical setting.



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