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Tumor Lysate, Particle Only (TLPO) vaccine 

Elios’ lead product is the Tumor Lysate, Particle Only (TLPO) vaccine, an autologous therapeutic cancer vaccine designed to stimulate the immune system to recognize tumor cells and fight a patient’s specific cancer. Therapeutic cancer vaccines are an attractive immunotherapy because of their potential safety, specificity, and long-lasting response due to stimulation of immune memory.


The eighteen-month vaccination regimen, which delivers the patient’s own unique blend of tumor antigens to the immune system, ignites a dual innate and adaptive immune response, activating fighter T cells, and triggering the immune system to recognize, and seek out and destroy any cells containing the antigens from their tumor.

The TLPO vaccine is currently being investigated as an adjuvant melanoma therapy in patients with a high-risk of recurrence in the monotherapy setting and in combination with standard of care checkpoint inhibitor therapy at leading academic cancer centers in the United States.


The Phase III, registrational trial will study stage III (C,D)/IV (resected) melanoma patients receiving standard of care PD-1 v. PD-1 + TLPO.


Tumor Lysate, Particle Loaded Dendritic Cell (TLPLDC) vaccine

Elios is also evaluating an autologous cancer vaccine called the TLPLDC (tumor lysate, particle-loaded, dendritic cell) vaccine in patients with advanced solid tumors.



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