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Personalized Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines


Founded in 2014, Elios was built upon a bold vision of making the promise of personalized therapeutic cancer vaccines a reality for patients with solid tumors.


Elios’ personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine technology was discovered and developed by Dr. Thomas Wagner, an internationally-renowned, award-winning pioneer of biomedical research and molecular biology. Dr. Wagner’s personal and scientific journey led him to develop and patent transgenic technology which has revolutionized the way we research cancer today.

Personalized Cancer Vaccines

Autologous vaccines are considered “personalized” because they are made from the patient’s tumor which contains important information about an individual’s tumor-specific antigens. These vaccines work to boost the immune system's ability to recognize and destroy tumor cells that match the antigenic profile of a patient’s tumor. Personalized cancer vaccines can create an army of tumor reactive T-cells that have the ability to seek and destroy cancer cells that may remain in the body after treatment – they can also prevent cancer from coming back.


Tumor Lysate, Particle Only (TLPO) Vaccine

Elios’ lead product is the Tumor Lysate, Particle Only (TLPO) vaccine, a personalized cancer vaccine designed to stimulate the immune system to recognize and fight tumor cells specific to a patient’s tumor. The TLPO vaccine is an attractive form of immunotherapy because of its potential safety, specificity, and long-lasting response due to stimulation of immune memory.


Randomized Trial of Tumor Lysate Particle Only Vaccine vs. Tumor Lysate Particle-loaded, Dendritic Cell Vaccine to Prevent Recurrence of Resected Stage III/IV Melanoma: 36-MonthAnalysis - Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer



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