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For Patients

Investigational Medicine (the TLPLDC vaccine)

While many vaccines are used to prevent a disease from ever developing, the TLPLDC (tumor lysate, particle-loaded, dendritic cell) personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine is made for patients who have already had cancer. TLPLDC is a unique type of immunotherapy, both in how it is made and how it is delivered. The vaccine is personalized, meaning it is made up of cells taken from the patient’s own tumor and a small sample of blood.

Every patient’s tumor has a unique antigenic profile unlike any other, and dendritic cells found in the blood are the most potent antigen presenting cells in the body. The TLPLDC vaccine combines both to deliver each individual patient’s complete repertoire of tumor antigens to their immune system, creating a dual innate and adaptive immune response, and activating fighter T cells to selectively target destroy any remaining cancer cells containing the unique codes from that patient’s tumor – without damaging health cells.
Historically, personalized cancer vaccines have been rather onerous to develop, sometimes taking months between the tumor biopsy and administration. Elios has simplified the process so the time from resection to injection is approximately two weeks. This makes the vaccine highly feasible and will ultimately be easy for community and academic oncologists to adopt into their practices.

The TLPLDC vaccine is currently being studied as a monotherapy and in combination with standard-of-care checkpoint inhibitor therapies in a Phase IIb clinical trial for the treatment of late-stage melanoma at leading academic cancer centers in the United States.