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A Novel Approach to Dendritic Cell Delivery & T-cell Activation

There remains a need to create a host active specific immune response, generating an army of tumor reactive T-cells that can attack a patient’s disease alone and improve the outcomes for patients on therapies that manipulate T cells in the adjuvant and metastatic settings.

TLPLDC: Modality and MOA

TLPLDC is an autologous therapeutic cancer vaccine that is made from a patient’s own cells and is designed to stimulate the immune system to recognize tumor cells and fight the patient's specific (or unique) cancer.

  1. Elios immunotherapy presents the tumor antigens within particles that have pathogen-associated molecular profiles (PAMPs)
  2. Presenting pathogens with tumor creates a dual innate and adaptive immune response
  3. High levels of IL-12 and 15 are secreted generating high affinity CD8 cytotoxic T-cells
  4. This mechanism gives the response the power to overcome IL-10 suppression, decrease Tregs at the tumor and increase CD8 T-cells
TLPLDC Overview